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Magneticals Magnet Toys Tile Set (168-Piece Set) Stack, Create and Learn Promote Early Learning, Creativity, Imagination Magnetic Building Toys for Kids, Top-Rated Perfect Toy for Boys and Girls

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Choose Dimple Magneticals and let your child build towering castles, intricate homes, or something entirely original; they’ll love being creative!

When you’re looking to give your child a fun, engaging way to keep your child learning and growing, there’s nothing more unique and innovative than the 168-Piece Magneticals Set from Dimple

An innovative way to express creativity that traditional blocks simply can’t offer, these magnetic building block tiles let kids create 3-D structures and buildings that traditional square pieces could never allow!

Kid Friendly Fun

Complete safe and non-toxic, our Magneticals tiles use rare-Earth magnets to stick together easily and come in a wide range of shapes to let your child turn their imaginations into tangible designs. Great for expanding creativity, social confidence, and motor skills, get our 168-piece magnetic tile set today and bring on the fun!

Product Details:

  • 168-Piece Magnetic Tile Set
  • Rare-Earth Magnetic (Neodymium)
  • Nontoxic ABS Plastic
  • Triangles, Trapezoids, Squares, Circles
  • Unisex (Boys and Girls)
  • Ages: 3+
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Click ‘Add to Cart’ above and get an engaging magnetic tile set perfect for expanding the imagination with fun play.

  • Expanded Creativity & Innovation – These Magneticals Tiles for boys and girls promote early learning, spatial reasoning, and motor skills with unlimited fun.
  • Build, Create, Grow – Magneticals tiles sets this big let children expand their imaginations, creating houses, towers, castles, cars, designs and animals!
  • 168 Innovative Shapes – This magnetic tile set comes with tons of exciting designs to create near limitless fun including triangles, squares, circles and more.
  • Home & Classroom Fun – Safe for ages 3+ these children’s building blocks can be enjoyed alone at home or shared with school friends to encourage social growth.
  • Kid-Friendly & Safe Magnets – These magnetic tiles stick together easily with rare-Earth neodymium magnets that are safe, non-toxic and long lasting. Each Dimple product is backed by a 1-year warranty to ensure durability, reliability and true quality assurance.
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