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'All in One' Educational Piano Play Mat with 33 Keys, 4 Built-in Games & Activities Covering the Alphabet, Words, Shapes, Spelling, Colors, & Music Playing, by Dimple

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A fun educational play mat with a myriad of options! This fun piano mat uses play time to educate, providing hours of fun while teaching music, letters, colors and more! Additionally, it will help your child develop an interest in learning English through listening and action! Besides for the full piano, it includes 4 built-in games and educational activities covering the alphabet, words, spelling, colors, shapes and music playing. There is even a quiz function to test your children's learning skills letting them know what they need to work on, while exciting them when they are doing well. The touch sensitive mat allows the children to navigate the play mat effortlessly without and chunky buttons. Children love games and having fun but even better is learning while they are playing. Tons of Buttons Each key plays a note, has a corresponding letter and also picture of something that starts with that letter. Depending on the mode you choose, each of the 33 keys will either play a note, say a letter, or spell a word or color. Hours of Fun! Buy it for your young child and you and your older children will want to use it too because of how fun and versatile it is! With the wide range of instruments, prerecorded music and other great tools, the skys the limit and you are guaranteed hours of musical fun! Let your child express him or herself with original music or dance and sing along with the pre recorded songs! Music helps in a myriad of ways throughout life. Includes many fun features that help your child learn and develop better language skills, teaches alphabet, spelling, shapes, music, piano, and color - Recommended for Ages 3+
  • HOURS OF FUN: Press one of the 33 keys and based on the mode you choose, either spell a word (incl. colors and shapes), play a musical note, or say a letter. Choose the quiz function to test your skills or the demo to play pre-recorded music.
  • TONS OF OPTIONS: 33 touch sensitive keyboard keys with 7 colored shapes and 26 letters with corresponding words; also, a quiz function, 3 key settings (sound, letters, spelling), flashing lights, volume controls, prerecorded music and more!
  • EDUCATIONAL PLAY: Use the mat to learn music, spell words, master the English alphabet, explore colors and shapes, and more! Truly an intersection of play and education which will provide hours of fun for your child!
  • DIMENSIONS & QUALITY: Play mat size - 36.5 L x 30.5 W x .05 H in. The soft yet durable mat is a joy to play with, and will last! Easy to fold up and put away in storage without taking up much space - 3AA Batteries required: Not included.
  • GUARANTEED SMILES: We know you will find this product exceptionally fun and it will last under normal playing conditions. We stand behind the quality of our products and all Dimple toys come with a standard 1-year comprehensive warranty on craftsmanship.
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